The Faculty of International Legal Relations strongly encourage students to apply for either Bachelor, or Master Programmes, which are taught entirely in English. The Faculty also accepts applicants for Post Graduate studies who hold degrees in various social sciences.


The following documents must be attached


1.            document and certificate of marks attained in all subjects (original and copy) which prove the degree was obtained from his/her university;

2.            academic document, issued by Ukrainian or foreign University;

3.            original version(s) of the document(s) providing information about previous academic programme (s) (transcripts, duration etc.);

4.            copy of the passport or the document which proves your statelessness;

5.            health insurance, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine;

6.            4 photos 30 x 40 mm;

7.            Overseas students who study academic mobility programs, have to provide necessary documents required by our University, and by their domestic institution.


Notes for all applicants


•           Read carefully the text of your Learning Agreement and all the information you receive from the Admission Officer.

•           If you need a visa for travelling to Ukraine, it is important to apply for it as soon as possible, as it may take some time to process. Contact the Ukrainian Embassy in your country for further details.

•           When entering Ukraine, it is necessary to complete a Border Migration Card (fill in your name, date of arrival and expected place of stay in Ukraine, etc.).

•           Overseas students are entitled to health services in Ukraine as long as they are covered by health insurance obtained in their home countries. Do not forget to bring the valid insurance certificate with you. Upon expiry of initial insurance, the University will assist in obtaining Ukrainian health insurance.

•           The University offers overseas students accommodation in campus, all within the city centre.


Academic Year


•    Fall semester  1st September – 30th December

•    Spring semester   29 th February – 30th June


State holidays


·   January 1         New Year`s Day

·   January 7         Christmas Day

·   March 8           International Women’s Day

·   May 1              International Worker`s Day

·   May 9              Victory Day over Nazism in WWII

·   June 28            Сonstitution day

·   August 24        Independance day

·   October 14       Defender of Ukraine day


Student ID Cards


•    Students can obtain a university ID Card, which entitles them to use of university facilities and e-resources, as well as to some benefits such as student discounts.

•    The card is issued to students free of charge after admission to the University.



Approximate living costs



Monthly minimum

Monthly maximum

Rent  (non campus)






Gas / Electricity






Mobile phone



Laundry / toiletries



Printing / stationery, photocopying, text books



Total per month