The Department of Foreign Languages ​​No. 2 of the National University "Odessa Law Academy" together with the German language center "Sprachcafe" in Odessa on the eve of the Christmas European holidays held the event "Saint Nicholas Day in Germany and France"!

A festive concert was held with creative presentations by students of the Faculty of International Law Relations, the Faculty of Journalism of the Judicial and Administrative Faculty, the Faculty of Civil and Economic Justice and the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences in German, French and English languages .

The tutor of the talk club "Sprachcafe" Tim Plumeque, the native speaker of the German language, held an entertaining quiz and all participants received prizes from "Sprachcafe", including certificates for free attendance of courses during the month.

We would like to thank teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​No. 2 Stuts K. N., Vydyshev O. G. and Paltsev V. V. for organizing a wonderful holiday, student participants - for the creative approach to performances and the given mood, dean of the faculty of journalism of NU "OUA"  Kuznetsov T. V. and students of the faculty - for technical support and organization of photo and video shooting! We express special gratitude for the idea of ​​the holiday, for inspiration and for co-creation, to the head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​No. 2, Professor Natalia Vladimirovna Petlyuchenko!